Ordering process

For the realization of the purchase please follow the following steps


Select a section of the website (e.g. swimwear, bikini tops, bikini bottoms) and then the type of product.


See the product / products that interest you. With one click you can enlarge the photo to see detail. In the product description you will find useful information such as composition, reference code and price. Then the available sizes and colors.


Select the product, the quantity and color if this product is available in more colors and add the item to the basket. Then you can choose whether you want to continue shopping or to complete the order.


If you want to continue shopping, repeat the process. Otherwise, if you want to complete your order, you can continue by creating an online account or making quick order without registering.


Select the payment method: Cash or Bank deposit


Carefully reads the order confirmation


Please select (click) the icon on acceptance of the terms and conditions, which you must read and accept before selecting the icon "payment".